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Providing quality medical care to our registered patients and visitors since 1932. As a long-standing, central city medical practice, we have a large team to support your medical needs.

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Even with the latest renovations to our practice, it’s still the people (your medical experts) that make health care personal for you. Meet the team as they share a little bit about themselves.

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Prescriptions: update 18/05/20

We are moving to a slightly different prescription ordering system that, once the doctor prepares a prescription, a text is sent to you to select the pharmacy you wish to use (City GPs no longer does this function). The Pharmacy then sends a text to you when the prescription is ready to collect. This system requires you to have the ability to receive texts. If you wish (or have no mobile), the doctor can still send the prescription to the pharmacy for you.

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* NB: the third Wednesday of the month we open at 9.00am [staff training].

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